Readers of the Caravan and Motorhome magazine will have noticed our advertisement, in the French section, every month for the last ten years plus.  This will probably come to an end at the close of 2018. We will still be open but advertising elsewhere.

Camping Le Paradis is a bonifide and properly registered business that each year spends  a considerable amount of money obtaining the necessary legalities that are required from a business of this nature and others, such as gites etc.,

Over the past five months we have been in dispute with the club with regard to an untruthful advert appearing in our section of their magazine.  Even after presenting the magazine with evidence, from the French authorities to support our claims, the advert still continues.  This is unfair to the businesses that are run correctly and which conform to all the regulations. It is also unfair to the club members who, having read this advert, visit the site believing it to be fully classified and registered.

Unfortunately we have had to put this matter in the hands of the french authorities who are in receipt of our May magazine and subsequent editions.

Just a quick line regarding your caravan storage.  If you have a problem i.e., fire or a roof tile falling on the caravan you will need to make a claim.  If the campsite cannot produce the necessary forms of regulation and paperwork etc., you will have a problem.  The simplest way to think of this is: if you have a caravan valued at £30,000 and you pay £200 insurance and there is a problem on your storage facility or campsite which results in your caravan being damaged, it is extremely unlikely that an insurance company will hand over a cheque for £30,000 for a £200 premium unless the business can satisfy them with the necessary obligatory paperwork that they should have. This information is often not asked for when you purchase your insurance. Please make sure you satisfy yourself that the place where you wish to leave your caravan is legal.  These regulations apply to all campsites whether they have 6 or 600 pitches.

On a final note, unfortunately due to our dispute with the caravan club magazine and one particular advertiser this matter has now been taken up by the D.G.C.C.R.F (Directorate General of Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention) who we are assured will be looking into all the advertisements during the coming months.